Thumbnail sketching
 Sketching my original concept on HP watercolor paper
 First phase of line-work with pen nib and acrylic ink. Did not like the brush work I did, as it doesn’t blend well and is not good with the space.
 After going back to my sketchbook, I decided to line up the remaining sentence underneath to fill in space appropriately.
 Simple tools of a nib pen and acrylic ink, which I love working with.
 Final layout put together in Photoshop, no edits to the line-work itself.
 A glimpse at my current workspace. After finishing all of my line-work on paper and scanning it in, I clean and make edits in Photoshop.
 Phase 1: adjusting, lining up, clean line-work.
 Phase 2: inverting turns everything into magic, right?
 Phase 3: I went back and forth with with what I wanted to keep white and placed this on my signature indigo. Final.
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