Research notes from “Flowerpaedia”
 Research notes from “Flowerpaedia”
 Thumbnail composition sketches, notes, and initial sketch with notes on movement, light, color, etc.
 Comparing notes, figuring out which flowers I actually want to incorporate where, finding the balance.
 11” x 17” sketch that I then transferred to my copper plate.  I purposely sketched this in reverse, knowing that it would print the mirror of this image. Thinking ahead always.
 Yellow transfer paper to get a general sketch onto my plate
 A look at my process: I reference my sketch and reference photos, using a few different scratching tools
"Bearing Fruit" S.P. 1
 Referencing the previous print  for knowing what I want to save with highlights in the aquatint steps, which I follow for each phase.
General walk-through of Aquatinting
 You’ll see a light dusting of the aquatint and can use a microscopic lens to look at the dots on the surface of the plate. I ended up putting my plate in for 8 minutes, didn’t love the coverage, cranked up the aquatint again, and popped my plate back in for 4 minutes.
 Then you will transfer your plate carefully onto a hot-plate set at 250 degrees F. You can use a spatula to move the plate around or copper pieces to hold it down. The method is, “hold it down until you smell it, then count to 10.” It’s usually when you start to see the white of the aquatint fade/harden on the plate, I then start counting to 10 until all white is gone. You don’t want to overcook it though, or else it’s a huge blob! Nothing!
"Bearing Fruit" S.P. 2
"Bearing Fruit" S.P. 3
"Bearing Fruit" S.P. 4
"Bearing Fruit" S.P. 5
"Bearing Fruit" E.V. 1
"Bearing Fruit" E.V. 2
 Comparing my color runs #1, #2, and #3, happy with #3’s application. Color-runs then just turn into E.V.s :)
 A look at my method of color application. I don’t find the real way of a la pupé to ever be worth it, where you apply one color at a time and wipe and clean, like it takes FOREVER. So what I like to do for being realistic and make a print in about an hour is blending a color palette with analogous colors that can blend well together.
 When I’m using my tarlatan to blend and wipe off excess ink, I’m still being very conscious of my method, like here starting in the middle with the yellow and blending outwards.
"Bearing Fruit" A.P. 1
"Bearing Fruit" 3/12 ed.
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